First 50 Days: Starting Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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Being an entrepreneur usually means you are making something out of nothing. 

It’s like walking a path full of surprises. You might have a vision of what your destination looks like, but you may not know how to get there exactly.

First 50 Days is a toolkit that walks entrepreneurs through the stages of developing their own venture in just 50 days. Each week includes a different theme, complete with practice exercises, toolkit activities, reflection prompts, and quizzes to test for comprehension. The toolkit and its various activities can be done in a linear manner (for 50 straight days), or you can choose to jump to whatever is most relevant to you.

Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect each week:

  • Week 01: Design: Get into the creative mindset.
  • Week 02: Problem: Define the problem you are trying to solve.
  • Week 03: Customer: Understand your audience.
  • Week 04: Value Proposition: Figure out what makes you unique.
  • Week 05: Innovation: Prototype something new and exciting.
  • Week 06: Positioning: Set your business up for success.
  • Week 07: Validation: Confirm your assumptions with users.
  • Week 08: Branding: Set your project’s brand apart from the crowd.
  • Week 09: Storytelling: Refine your voice.
  • Week 10: Future Vision: Imagine the future directions of your business.

This toolkit is appropriate for users aged 13 and up. First 50 Days is a great fit for anyone out there (brand new entrepreneurs or seasoned professionals!) looking for 50 days of daily accountability. By the way, it's also a GREAT fit for classroom teachers!

"Teachers will find First 50 Days packed with high-engagement, classroom ready activities and reflection questions for every step of the way. I'm so excited to use it with my high school entrepreneurs!" – Martha Rush, Chief Educator-in-Residence for Quarter Zero and high school teacher

What’s the deal with this being Pay-What-You-Want?

This toolkit is available on a Pay-What-You-Want basis (which means you can get it for even $0!). We do not expect any compensation for our resources/materials as we want this to be as accessible as possible to anyone and everyone. Our mission is to build capacity, not make money. This said, if you are able to contribute, it is greatly appreciated! We recommend a donation of $50 for this toolkit ($1/day of activities!). 50% of the proceeds of this toolkit will go toward supporting Quarter Zero’s youth entrepreneurship programs. So any donation will go a long way!

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You'll get our 37 page toolkit packed to the brim with 50 days worth of activities to help you start your entrepreneurial journey. 50% of proceeds go to support youth entrepreneurship programs!

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First 50 Days: Starting Your Entrepreneurial Journey

19 ratings
I want this!