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Peculiar Prompts: 1,003 Creative Prompts

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Version 3.0 is now available! Download here.

We should probably all be more peculiar.

Looking for a mindful way to spark your creativity? Need an excuse to get a little weird? Peculiar Prompts is for you. This download includes a collection of 1,003 creative prompts designed to break the rhythm of an otherwise mundane business meeting, weekday, or general existence.

Upon downloading, you'll have immediate access to all 1,003 of our prompts.

The toolkit includes some prompts that can be done alone, and some that are better with a group. Some of the prompts can be done quite quickly, others require more time. Some are weird, others are really really weird. Here's a quick taste for what's inside:

  • Create an instrumental track using sounds made from objects in your home.
  • Attempt to balance 13 things in your home.
  • Sketch the blueprint of your childhood home from memory.
  • Make a flip book about something that happened to you today.
  • Watch a feature-length film before work.
  • Dig a large hole. Take a photo of the hole. Bury the photo in the hole.

Now available: The "Social Distancing" Edition! Download today.

Donate $5, and get a crappy drawing!

If you donate $5 or more, the authors will email you a crappy drawing of something special to you. Just donate $5 at checkout and they'll reach out within 24 hours to get started on your special request.

Interested in having Matthew and Austin at your next event to facilitate some Peculiar Prompts? Get in touch! (not .com).

PS, we have a lot of other cool tools! Check them out at Reginald.

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Peculiar Prompts: 1,003 Creative Prompts

55 ratings
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