Peculiar Prompts: Robot Edition

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We should probably all be more peculiar.

Looking for a mindful way to spark your creativity? Need an excuse to get a little weird? Peculiar Prompts is for you. This special edition of Peculiar Prompts utilizes artificial intelligence via OpenAI's ChatGPT platform to bring you a series of truly bizarre and eye-opening ways to bring more creativity to your life.

Upon downloading, you'll have immediate access to all 100 of our special "Robot Edition" prompts.

The toolkit includes some prompts that can be done alone, and some that are better with a group. Some of the prompts can be done quite quickly, others require more time. Some are weird, others are really really weird.

"I love the idea of AI-written prompts to spark our human creativity rather than the other way around. Besides, all of Reginald’s toolkits and Peculiar Prompts are great." – Jorge Camacho, Strategic Designer & Foresight Strategist

Here's a quick taste for what's inside:

  • Create a life-size sculpture out of bubblegum
  • Make a wig out of spaghetti
  • Have a picnic in a cemetery
  • Always be negative and complain

The catch? 99 of these prompts are written by Artificial Intelligence (hence "Robot Edition"), but one of our prompts was written by a human. Can you find out which is which?

Be sure to also check out the original edition of Peculiar Prompts via this link. Any questions? Reach out to

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99 prompts created by AI, along with one prompt created by a human being, designed to make your life more peculiar.

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Peculiar Prompts: Robot Edition

3 ratings
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