Peculiar Prompts: Social Distancing Edition

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624 peculiar prompts to keep you occupied at home.

Looking for a way to stay busy while stuck alone at home? You’re in luck! This download includes a collection of 624 creative prompts designed to break the rhythm of an otherwise mundane existence. All of these prompts are designed to be done from the safety of your home, and with materials that can easily be found in your immediate vicinity.

Upon downloading, you’ll have immediate access to all 624 of our prompts.

This collection curates the prompts that are safe to do at home from our main toolkit, and includes over 100 new prompts that can only be found in this special edition! Some of the prompts are weird, others are really really weird. Here’s a quick taste for what’s inside:

  • Invent a yoga pose. Name it.
  • Use three things in your junk drawer, today.
  • Create a labyrinth.
  • Take note of how many circular things there are in your home.
  • Attempt to recreate the sound of a baby carrot hitting tile from ten feet up.
  • Make a didgeridoo
  • Wear socks on your hands for one hour.

Special $5 perk!

If you donate $5 or more, the authors will email you a crappy drawing of something special to you. Just donate $5 at checkout and they'll reach out within 24 hours to get started on your special request.

Be sure to also check out our original edition – it has 1,003 prompts!

What's the deal with this being Pay-What-You-Want?

The toolkit is available on a Pay-What-You-Want basis. We do not expect any compensation for our resources/materials as we want this to be as accessible as possible to anyone and everyone. Our mission is to advocate for Peculiar Thinking, and make everyone's day a little more interesting. This said, if you are able to contribute, it is greatly appreciated! A donation of $10-20 is recommended for this download. 

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Download includes a 27 page PDF packed with 624 peculiar prompts that can all be done safely from the comfort of your home.

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Peculiar Prompts: Social Distancing Edition

18 ratings
I want this!