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Happy National Peculiar People Day!

Happy New Year!

ICYMI: 100 Peculiar Prompts, written by AI

Our latest toolkit was written by AI

August is a great month to re-think everything

We're hiring: Project Coordinator

Becoming a Climate Designer + 5 methods for expanding your impact

Times are strange. Let's get stranger.

Taking the "sprint" our of "design sprint"

Less (Bad) Design goes Down Under!

Real quick, before the month is over

And now for something... different

2022 is already here, but it isn't too late to plan for it!

Get a head start on next year with our new toolkit...

Introducing "End-of-Year", a new toolkit from verynice

Should I work for free? Join us on Clubhouse tomorrow for a DEBATE!

Strategies for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs - New podcast episode!

Make 2022 a strategic one (scroll to the bottom for a special offer!)

Let's make October... PECULIAR

We're hiring: Junior Design Strategist

The Responsible Brand Virtual Workshop: Register today!

Celebrating 1 Year of the Responsible Brand Toolkit!

ICYMI: Our latest toolkit is re-thinking "rapid" ideation...

Introducing "Anti-Rapid" Ideation!

Heads up: comic book with American Heart Association ships next week!

We made a comic book with the American Heart Association!

A toolkit for re-thinking "productivity" that we all need.

Four powerful tools for social entrepreneurs

Have you checked out the latest version of Models of Impact yet?

Introducing Models of Impact, Version 5.0!

10 toolkits for aspiring design strategists

Our "Give All" toolkits just got a little better...

Start your week off in a PECULIAR way

Over 1 million creative prompts in your inbox. Seriously.

Introducing Peculiar Prompts, Version 3.0!

Celebrating a new milestone: 30 toolkits!

Join us in 1 hour for Less (Bad) Design with AIGA USC

Free Webinar April 28th: Less (Bad) Design with AIGA USC

12 more hours to help us plant trees!

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