Models of Impact: Version 4.0

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NOTE: We now have a new version of Models of Impact. Check out Models of Impact: Version 5.0!!

Models of Impact makes it easy (and fun!) to generate new, sustainable, business models. 

Model of Impact walks you through a series of activities in order to simulate the process of launching a social enterprise in just four steps: LEARN, INVENT, PROGRAM, and REPORT. Our digital download is available on a pay-what-you-want basis, and includes easy-to-understand instructions for gameplay, a glossary of 200+ business models, and a suite of other helpful resources.

“…a resource that everyone who cares about social impact should appreciate and absorb." – Forbes Magazine

Models of Impact is designed for executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and educators working across the private, social, and public sectors. The game is easy to understand, and is a great tool for introducing teams to a range of innovative business models, inspiring new programs and initiatives within your business or organization, providing a new framework for strategic planning, guiding the process of ideating new products and services, and even just getting your team to think differently. Our pay-what-you-want digital download includes everything you need to facilitate the entire process. If you’re passionate about social entrepreneurship and social impact… this toolkit is for you.

Models of Impact has helped thousands of people make a big impact. Are you next?

Thousands of Entrepreneurs, Students, Consultants, and Executives from 100+ countries have leveraged this game to imagine new business opportunities, provide a platform for professional development, learn about social enterprise, and bring real change to communities.

Version 4.0 is the best version of Models of Impact yet. Immediately upon downloading, you’ll receive…

  • Simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

  • A comprehensive glossary of 200+ business models defined in simple language.

  • Print-ready large-format posters of our two Models of Impact canvases

  • A library of free icons and illustrations for you to use in anyway you’d like!

What's the deal with this being Pay-What-You-Want??

The toolkit is available on a Pay-What-You-Want basis. We do not expect any compensation for our resources/materials as we want this to be as accessible as possible to anyone and everyone.

PS, an older version of Models of Impact is also available for download in Spanish!

PPS, we have a lot of other cool tools! Check them out on Reginald.

If for some reason you do not receive a link to download after checking out, check your spam folder and/or email, and we'll help you sort it out!

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Immediately upon downloading, you’ll get easy-to-understand instructions for gameplay, a glossary of 200+ business models, and a suite of other helpful resources. Pay-what-you want!

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Models of Impact: Version 4.0

54 ratings
I want this!